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Above: Ambassador Sanders Rings Closing Bell @ Nigeria's Stock Exchange

About Us


In the last half-century that the world has been trying to do "development," perhaps the biggest lesson that analysts and aid workers have learned is that cutting poverty is pretty much an all-or-nothing proposition:

You can't, for instance, improve education if you don't empower women; you can't feed people if you don't shore up the international trading regime; and you can't reduce inequality when corruption pervades. FEEEDS and FE3DS help address these challenges.

The FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative and FE3DS partners with organizations, NGOs, universities, foundations, institutions, and businesses focused on helping address these fundamental issues, particularly for Africa.


 FEEEDS/FE3DS are Registered Trademarks: 

FEEEDS is associated, has affiliations with, or is a member of:  Robert Morris University (RMU) as a Distinguished Public Service Scholar and Trustee, serves as Chairperson of the Republic of Benin-based Songhai Integrative Farm & Environment Systems, Global Advisor to Operation Hope, Board Member Human Rights Watch and its Africa Advisory Committee, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, and Center for Independent Colleges (CIC).

Dr. Sanders provides commentary for Al Jazeera, Voice of America, and other media outlets under FEEEDS.

FE3DS served as member of the U.S. EXIM Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee and the Trade Advisory Committee for Africa of the United States Trade Representative, Africa Business Trade Center, and the AGOA CSO Network. Other business solution areas/sectors on which FE3DS serves as a global advisor are listed on the Affliations-Partners Tab on this website.


Special & Program Assistants:

Annie Adie - (Nigeria-based)



Paula Asjifini (US)



Policy Advisor

Jim Parks

@The FEEEDS Index Coordinator

Danny Evans

Web & Deputy Policy Advisor

Idika Onyukwu


Media Advisor & Publicist:

Joia Nuri Jefferson


Personal Assistant

Monica Hutcherson


Business Management:

Cooke & Robothem


Attorney: GordanRees




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FEEEDS®, and Acronym Meaning:

Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Development-Democracy, Self Help