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ATTENTION SCAM: New January 2015 SCAM using Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders name and likeness asking for banking information and beneficiary information. Do not respond. Request is Nigerian 419 SCAM!

Updated June 5, 2014 - Beware - Another Nigeria email scam/419 scam  June 2014 circulating on FEEEDS Advisory work on Affordable Housing Efforts in Nigeria - Disregard. In general, FEEEDS/FE3DS websites have noted since 2010 to beware of all Nigerian email money-related 419 scams or bribery scams/claims using my likeness or name to solicit funds, taking or giving of gifts, etc.

Latest News/Events:

Amb Sanders speaks out on Al Jazeera America on the anniversary of the kidnapping the 247 Chibok girls, highlighting the work of the #bringbackourgirls effort role in keeping issue alive and also as an umbrella campaign for all young girls affected by the Boko Haram insecurity in the Northeast of Nigeria. http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/shows/live-news/2015/4/one-year-later-the-girls-abducted-by-boko-haram-are-still-not-found.html

CEO-FEEEDS Sanders partnered with Gallup Poll and Allafrica.com on Post Nigerian Election Event, April 9, 2015. The event highlighted polling data on Nigeria's 2015 elections on critical issues important to the voter, and the challenges ahead for the nation. It also examined critical issues for the African electorate writ large given the 14 elections upcoming in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2015. These include Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Libya, Mauritius, Niger, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, and Zambia.  The new  @the FEEEDS Index polling data launched at the event will be posted on The Africa Post in the coming week. @the FEEEDS Index is powered by Gallup Analytics. See the following articles related to FEEEDS activities related to the Nigerian 2015 elections and the hallmark FEEEDS-Gallup-Allafrica.com April 9, 2015 event:See the following articles related to the event and to Sanders' participation as an election observer for Nigeria's election:

FEEEDS Key Nigerian Election Media Articles:

1.) FEEEDS-Gallup-Allafrica Post-Nigerian Election April 9 Program - Successful Unique Event; Polling Data Highlights Voters Views; @The FEEEDS Index Launched:  http://allafrica.com/stories/201504081819.html


2.) FEEEDS-Gallup-Allafrica pre-event article by Sanders & Loschky:  Big Chance and Challenges Post Election - Survey


3.) Ambassador Sanders Huffington Post article: Nigeria's Election: A Seismic Political Shift:




Ambassador Sanders on Al Jazeera English (AJE) from Doha discussing Nigeria's March 28, 2015 election issues, calls for non-violent "free and fair election" with an outcome believable by the Nigerian voters. Click here to see news show: https://app.box.com/s/bl702gw65stlbsfvm79l5gqhg9pnjm66

Clip of Ambassador Sanders Nigerian Election Interview on Channels TV https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FTpp0RNu0C8

Ambassador Sanders Discusses Nigeris's postponed elections on Al Jazeera America https://ajam.boxcn.net/s/j92ypznh5arvpnnjyzofbp1z0ebmkaq8

Dr. Sanders comments on postponement of Nigeria's February 14, 2015 elections  http://we.tl/hBQmVlDgT5

Amb. Sanders on China Television providing FEEEDS perspective on AU-Mugabe, Nigeria's 2015 Elections, AU Force on Boko Haram


Smithsonian African Art Museum Hosts Dr. Sanders' Washington, D.C. Book Launch February 10

Ambassador Sanders discusses recent December 14 Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria's Borno State, killing 60, and kidnapping both young girls and boys on Al Jazeera America's December 19 morning news http://ajam.boxcm.net/s/5pb8e84e22x72cnbytey

Ambassador Sanders' apearance on Nigeria's Channels TV's leading news magazine show, Sunrise Today, December 6, 2014 on current tension in the US-Nigeria relationship (Sanders' clip begins at minute 7:53-12:50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O32vXzaFCx8)

Dr. Sanders' Uli Book Launch, Big Hit in Nigeria - See Media Clips  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX6lX0PL874

Ambassador Robin Sanders discusses the November-December 2014 uptick in Boko Haram attacks in Northern Nigeria, and bombing in the country's largest Muslim city, Kano on Al Jazeera America's "Consider This," show. Dr. Sanders highlights the need for Nigeria's military to further adjust to asymmetrical warfare and move away from the peacekeeping and Niger Delta play books that are their framework. Sanders, who is currently in Nigeria, personally expressed her sorrow on the bombing to the Emir of Kano whom she had worked with before during his pre-Emir life as Governor of Nigeria's Central Bank. Click here to see Ambassador Sanders on "Consider This." http://alj.am/121umqH

Ambassador Robin Sanders HuffPost Article: US-Africa Relations, Key Elements Following US-Africa Summit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amb-robin-renee-sanders/post_8574_b_6111610.html

Ambassador Sanders Gives Keynote Speech at Gannon University on Elements of US-Africa Relations Following the Historic US-Africa Summit; & Lectures on Key Role of Africa in Current Global Landscape





See Ambassador Sanders on MSNBC: Food Security-Ebola Nexus- http://www.msnbc.com/the-cycle/watch/fighting-ebola-on-a-global-level-343674947959

Ambassador Sanders on CCTV (China Cable Television) discusses current Ebola crisis and next steps that need to be addressed and focused on to stop the spread in the U.S. and West Africa. Sanders served in Republic of Congo during three Ebola outbreaks and notes lessons learned: http://www.cctv-america.com/category/the-heat

Dr. Sanders is a featured go-to-speaker on Great Black Speakers Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GreatBlackSpeakers

October 26-31, 2014 - Visiting Scholar Gannon University www.magazine.gannon.edu

October 14-18, 2014 - Human Rights Watch Session, New York

October 10, 2014 - Speaker - Songhai Model - Climate Smart Food Security, World Bank Annual Mtgs

October 9, 2014 - U.S. Trade Representative Session

October 9, 2014 - Speaker on Financial Inclusion at  World Bank Annual Mtgs

October 8, 2014 - Roundtable with Valerie Jarrett, Washington, DC



Aug-Sept 2014

Dr. Sanders US-Africa Summit 2014 & Ebola Issues Media Clips

Ambassador Sanders provides Al Jazeera America with Updates on Boko Haram: https://ajam.boxcn.net/s/sor41ailatj8d012z1s2

Al Jazeera America’s The Stream, August 4, 2014: https://ajam.app.boxcn.net/s/1alna2ufwyicblvayvn6

Al Jazeera America News 8:30 am August 5, 2014 interview:  https://ajam.app.boxcn.net/s/qz1z3nvmp7fuey4gdthy  

Al Jazeera America’s The Stream, August 4, 2014 : https://ajam.app.boxcn.net/s/1alna2ufwyicblvayvn6

CCTV (China Cable TV):



NPR Boston - 90.9



FEEEDS Highlighted in Allafrica.com July 30 for White Paper on Upcoming US-Africa Summit from Gallup July 10 Forum 


Amb. Sanders on ARISE TV Discusses Upcoming US-Africa Leaders Summit http://www.arise.tv/headline/arise-review-20-07-7483

Amb. Sanders on AJAM - Wither Chibok Girls 100 Days Later https://ajam.boxcn.net/s/0b1eqv2cwu9n4e6o64wj

August 2014 - Dr. Sanders to attend several official US-Africa Summit events, including on Food Security and AGOA

August 2014 - CEO-FEEEDS opening, along with others, AGOA CSO Network Conference

July 2014 - Amb. Sanders, CEO-FEEEDS co-host first pre-US-Africa Summit Forum with Gallup Poll, Allafrica.com, and Africa Society at Gallup Headquarters

July 2014 - Ambassador Sanders moderates Congressmawoman Bass Town Hall Breakfast on Boko Haram issues

Ambassador Sanders Notes Historic Nature of Upcoming US-Africa Leaders' Summit http://blogitrrs.blogspot.com/2014/07/us-africa-leaders-summit-lets-ensure.html 

FEEEDS-Gallup and Partners Launch 1st Forum Ahead of US-Africa Leaders' Summit http://allafrica.com/stories/201407140001.html?aa_source=mf-hdlns

Ambassador Sanders Underscores Importance of Keeping Boko Haram Issue at Cong. Bass' Congressional Town Hall: Press Release http://t.co/llqprxX7Ps; Video from event http://1.usa.gov/1mmwwUD; Images from event http://bit.ly/1tYvA2I

CEO - FEEEDS Ambassador Sanders Key Partner in Gallup Poll Africa Forum with allafrica.com  http://allafrica.com/stories/201407030033.html

June 2014 - Sanders testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Africa Sub Committee on Nigeria and Boko Haram Issues

Ambassador Sanders on Al Jazeera June 30, 2014 on Boko Haram unabated attacks and kidnapping


Dr. Sanders on Boko Haram - Highlights Northeast Nigerian Vigilante Groups as Elements on FEEEDS' Human Rights Watch List:


Dr. Sanders on New York City June 24 WNYC Radio Program on Abuja & Kano Bombings:


Ogebe, Sanders, Others Testify Against Boko Haram Before US Congress


Dr. Sanders submitted  U.S.Testimony on Boko Haram (#BringBackOurGirls):


FEEEDS-CEO Testifies Before US Congress June 11, 2014 on Boko Haram Issues:


FEEEDS-CEO Discusses US-Africa Trade at Philadelphia's African-Caribbean Business Roundtable June 2014

May 2014 - Sanders Testifies before House Foreign Affiars Sub Committee on Situation in Central Africa Republic

May 2014 - Nigeria Trip for Worls Economic Forum, Visits to Economic Development Projects

Importance of Regional Integration Remarks @ US-Africa Trade Conference, May 2014, Miami

Amb. Sanders on Nigeria's ChannelsTV - SME's Leaders & Diaspora Issues Missing From WEF Agenda:

Ambassador Sanders on MSNBC - Interview on Boko Haram, #BringBackOurGirls, May 15, Live from Lagos

Ambassador Sanders on MSNBC 11:30 am EST May 15 on Boko Horam Video, US Assistance

Ambassador Sanders on BBC Boko Haram, #BringBackOurGirls, Notes Types of Assistance Nigeria Needs (interview starts midway, after report on South Sudan):  


Sanders on Bloomberg News May 9, 12:30 pm Abuja Time

Ambassador Sanders on Diane Rehm Show on Nigerian Abducted Girls, May 8, 2014:


Ambassador Sanders on VOA Straight Talk Africa Program on Boko Haram Abduction of Girls (#BringBackOurGirls) May 7, 2014:


Ambassador Discusses Abduction of Young Nigerian Girls; US Assistance-Live from Abuja:


Sanders' testimony on CAR before the U.S. Congress Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Initiative, May 1, 2014:



Publications/Books: Dr. Sanders Book Out Now! - The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria. Click on Tab in Menu or go to webpage link below for more information: http://www.ambassadorsanders-uliwomen.com


1.) Blog articles:

African Legislatures in African Democracies: The Need to be More Transformative & Transactional


2.) Press Releases:

FEEEDS CEO, Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders Appointed Chairperson of U.S. Export-Import Bank’s Advisory Committee on Africa, USTR’s Trade Advisory Committee for Africa, and, Global CSO Network Advisor for the African Growth and Opportunity Act

Press Release_Trade Advisory Committee for Africa_Apr2014.docx

Ambassador Sanders, CEO FEEEDS Receives Advocacy Impact Award from African Leadership Magazine


3.) Jan-April 2014 Highlights

Ambassador Sanders Highlights Issues Nigeria faces with Boko Haram April 2014 Attacks


Ambassador Sanders discuss 20th Anniversary-Rwanda Genocide on Al Jazeera


FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative & Operation HOPE Co-Host Key 2014 World Bank Civil Society Forum on New Technologies & Financial Literacy Tools for Global At-Risk Communities

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative & Operation HOPE Co-Host Key 2014 World Bank Civil Society Forum

Dr. Sanders Discusses Conflict on CAR on VOA


Sanders on AlJazeera panel of Central African Republic


4.) November-December 2013 Highlights:

Lagos Media coverage of FEEEDS/Sanders on SME development:

Sanders's interview with Nigeria's Business Day - on Nigeria's Economic Development http://businessdayonline.com/2013/11/nigeria-is-in-a-fairly-good-position-on-economic-growth/

YouTube Video: Bank of Industry Empowers Entrepreneurs - Nov 6, 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnsLOfLN368

Business Day: BOI, Western Union, others foster financial growth for SMEs - Nov 7, 2013 http://businessdayonline.com/2013/11/boi-western-union-others-foster-financial-growth-for-smes/

 Older Media Links:

Click on media menu tab above for older clips on: AlJazeera, VOA, etc





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The Advocacy Initiative called FEEEDS and the Business Strategies of FE3DS (FE-3-DS) 

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative:

What does FEEEDS® or the FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative mean? FEEEDS is an acronym that encompasses some of the main global issues of today-- Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Democracy-Development and Self-help -- that both developed and developing countries are grappling with in order to address and resolve the challenges for the world community.

All of these issues are also connected to human cultural communication and how we relate as people and as nations to each other. FEEEDS represents the first letter of each word or word-phrase noted above.

FEEEDS Advocacy Initiative provides lectures, instruction, and training on FEEEDS issues and other global topics, and works with Diaspora Groups. Under the FEEEDS Initiative Dr. Sanders is a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar for the Center for Independent Colleges and Universities and at the Nigerian Defense College.

FEEEDS also serves as the U.S. Office Director for the West Africa-based Songhai Smart Food Security-Climate Change Project, and its Think Tank and is a Global Advisor for Allafrica.com and the AGOA CSO Network and a regular commentator on Al Jazeera America and ARISE TV. Dr. Sanders has also appeared on National Public Radio (NPR) Diane Rhems & Robin Young's show, and ABC News Sunday Magazine Show "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" on Africa issues.


FE3DS, LLC Advising Firm:

FE3DS®, LLC advises businesses, foundations, NGOS, and governments on business strategies primarily for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The focus of FE3DS Advising is on business sectors associated with and linked to the pillars of the FEEEDS Initiative as described below since these are the areas needing the most business development in the Africa Region and other regions of the global community. 

Current business solutions are focused in the areas of agriculture, aviation, education through emerging market ICT solutions, the Africa power sector, financial & development solutions for small and medium size enterprises, affordable housing development, and manfufacturing.

Dr. Sanders as CEO of FE3DS, LLC currently serves as Chairperson of the US EXIM Bank SubSaharan Africa Committee, and also serves on the United States Trade Representative Trade Advisory Committee for Africa, or TACA.


The Elements of the FEEEDS Acronym:


Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy, Economics, Development-Democracy, Self Help


  •  Food Security - meaning availability and access to not just food but nutritional food;
  • Education - representing the entire range of education from knowledge learning to knowledge management to knowledge usage, which also includes training, retraining , entrepreneurship, and formal education;
  • Environment-Energy - enabling environments for communities to thrive, as well as a focus and realization of the importance of renewable energy and alternative energy resources;
  • Economics - enhancing living wages, and on the macro level, ensuring governments, and community leaderships manage budgets and tax payer dollars not only effectively, but efficiently in order to address social service needs;
  • Democracy-Development - linking these two symbiotic issues are key to improving life-quality, especially for people of color; and,
  • Self-Help - realizing that identity for anyone provides self-esteem, but for nations and people of color this also represents both power and empowerment.


The Africa Post - The Blog for FEEEDS

The FEEEDS blog is called The Africa Post (TAP):

www.blogitrrs.blogspot.com (see blog page tab on menu for latest postings)


The Africa Post dialogues, discusses, & advocates on the FEEEDS®  issues of Food Security, Education, Environment-Energy,  Economics,Development-Democracy & Self-help.


FEEEDS also blogs on the Huffington Post: http://huffingtonpost.com/amb-robin-renee-sanders/




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